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February 2015



Introducing Uganda Natural Hair Forums

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Happy new month of love to you all! Today, I’ve got some exciting news…. I’d like to introduce the newly formed Uganda natural hair forums!

It’s been a long time coming…. When we started the Natural Hair UG Facebook Group nearly a year ¬†ago, everything was easily searchable and one could easily reference a previous post on a similar subject. That’s all changed now, with newer members joining daily and asking new questions – posts get lost in there somewhere.

These forums are meant to work hand in hand with the group but also operate independently as a source of community and discussion in natural hair. Make good use of the search bar to find any topic or forum that interests you.

Benefits of the Uganda Natural Hair Forums

  • Easily searchable forums
  • Ability to start your own topic
  • Select your favourites to return to later

Where are the forums located?

There are 2 major ways to access these forums:

1. Click the “Forums” Link on the top navigation of our home page.

forums uganda natural hair2. Use the direct URL shown below to access the forums.

 Forums Archive

This is the central hub of the community and includes links to search for topics of interest, to login/register in order to participate and to access different forums.

It should look something like this:

forums uganda natural hair 2


Just click any forum or topic and there will be a notification about whether or not the forum/topic is open to replies.

If it is open to replies, you can directly reply to it, you can reply with a quote embedded or you can create your own topic. Looks something like this when logged in:

forums uganda natural hair 3

Hope you enjoy building communities and tribes of natural hair enthusiasts and helpers.

Please invite other naturals to join in this community.

Have you joined the Uganda Natural Hair Forums yet? Which is your favourite forum/topic?

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