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January 2017



Three strand twistout on 4C Natural Hair ft. Shea Moisture

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3 strand twistout 4c natural hair

The quest for the perfect curl continues to eludes us natural hair sistas… Well, for those who are fascinated by curls of any degree of definition. But we shall never give up! On this day, I decided to rock a three strand twistout. I hadn’t done one before and was eager to try out a new styler concotion. Take a seat and let’s review my three strand twistout on 4C natural hair.


On hair that had been washed two days prior and moisturised with leave-in conditioner & sealed, I moistened with a water-only spritz per section. I then added a small amount of a styler mixture (1 part curling gel souffle : 3 parts curl enhancing smoothie) and 3-strand twisted. This mix is glycerine-heavy and I wasn’t about to walk around with sticky hair in this hot weather.

I kept the twists for three days and they were relatively frizzy by take down..

3 strand twistout on 4C natural hair



I started off with fairly well defined twistout on first unravelling. I then struggled with separation as the curls were not well clumped. It was evident, at this point, that I no longer had a twistout but a mess of curls that I cannot describe.  I finalised my efforts with fluffing of the roots.

Okay, okay…. I’ll call it a fluffy twistout and only because I got grilled on Instagram @natural_hair_ug for saying it was a failed twistout… Are we friends now?

Even though the twistout did not come out the way I’d envisioned (do they ever though?), I feel like I gained a plus from this styler and the twisting technique. My hair was soft, moisturized, bouncy hair with lots of movement. I got agood stretch out of it.

In the future, this is a styler that I would want to use underneath heatless stretching styles to maintain moisture (hello, African threading). It is also great as a moisture base for protective styles without extensions.

Why I think my three strand twistout failed

  • Not enough product to clump my curls
  • Hair not wet enough
  • twists not tight enough
  • styler not firm enough (most likely culprit)
  • sections too large
  • humidity (glycerine)

Remedy the situation

I proceeded to plait a very loose and rough flat twist around my head to offer my housemates a different look foronce in my maternity leave. If I actually had a function to go to, I would have cried 3 or 4 tears and proceeded to style it ina roll, tuck and pin. Okay, I’ll stop mopping around (showing off) and actually enjoy the look.. I’m posting this a year later (because… motherhood) and loving the hair volume and glow of early postpartum.

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Have you tried out a three strand twistout 4c on natural hair? Let us know in the comments below; what styler did you use and were you able to walk out of the house? (Be honest)

three strand twistout on 4c natural hair b
three strand twistout on 4c natural hair c

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