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August 2014



Mixology 101: Natural Hair Moisturizers

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Dry, under moisturised hair is the bane of every naturalista’s life. It knots up, is a nightmare to detangle and has no discernable curl pattern.

When I first went natural I spent a fortune on the “Perfect product”-something that would keep my hair well moisturized till the next wash day – some worked and others didn’t. Being a mum of two little natural girls I had to find something that worked for all our assorted 4B and 4C heads – believe you me this is was tall order!

Despite all the cleansing, deep conditioning and LOC/LCO that I did my 3 year old’s 4C in particular hair would dry out after a couple of days.

Necessity is the mother of invention

The mixologist in me was born and the quest begun for the ultimate moisturizing concoction (and probably a growth portion along the way too).

This led to my obsession with oils and butters, I loved the fact that you could use them to tweak products that were not working for you. I started out with the basic whipped shea-coconut sealant.

Effective Moisturizer / Detangler for my girls

As I grew more confident with my mixes I sought out bigger challenges since the Organics range for kids worked well on one and did nothing for my other daughter. I whipped up the following:

  • 2 ounces of raw shea butter
  • 2 tablespoons of Extra virgin olive oil then added
  • 4 ounces of  my moisturizing leave-in/detangler (I love aunt Jackie’s silicone and paraben-free Knot On My Watch).

The results were amazing, it softened up those tangled knots like butter. But I still needed a recipe that would meet my deep conditioning needs.

Perfect Deep Conditioner

So after a couple of hits and misses I finally landed on the perfect mix;

  • shea butter(moisturizing, emollient, healing )
  • one tablespoon of olive oil(moisturizing and DHT blocking properties)
  • half a teaspoon of glycerine(humectant properties)

Deep Conditioner Application

1. Mix it up really well and apply to freshly washed hair then cover with a shower cap.

2. Add an egg yolk to the mix for a protein treatment to strengthen your strands.

* I have substituted glycerine with honey (a natural humectant) and the results are just as amazing.

** For those who are wary of using glycerine/honey in cold weather another amazing substitute would be aloe vera gel – this particular mix is very soothing especially for those with very itchy scalps.

*** Feel free to use aloe vera juice in place of the gel, that’s what I use because I tend to have the juice at hand rather than gel.

A dollop of the mix added to a cheap conditioner packs a moisturizing punch.

A  pal of mine swears by this mix added to her regular leave-in, she says it turns the ordinary leave-in into a potent moisturizer and detangler

For yet another pal whose hair knots up like crazy I usually advise her to add either apple cider vinegar or aloe vera juice to the mix to help lay down her cuticles for easy detangling.

I draw lots of my DIY inspiration from Hair and Health, Black Girl Long Hair and Crunchy Betty. They post a lot of recipes free of charge which you can customize to suit your hair needs.

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