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July 2015



Styling a True Wash n Go on 4C Natural Hair

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I’ve been a lazy naturalista lately… With a little bit of encouragement (peer pressure) from the Natural Hair UG Discussion Forum, I decided to rock a true, unstretched wash n go on my 4C natural hair.

To be honest, I didn’t put much thought into what would happen afterwards. I’ve worn my hair in stretched styles since the awkward stage and didn’t realise how unfamiliar this territory was till I was right in the middle of it.

It was a difficult week, to say the least. But I did find a little joy in styling my hair.

How I achieved the look

  • I started off with coconut oil detangling and then did a quick prepoo/hot oil treatment.
  • Then co-washed with Tresemme natural textures conditioner.
  • I dabbed with a  t-shirt to remove excess moisture and moisturised with coconut oil / Giovanni Direct-Leave In.
  • Lastly, I rubbed Keracare Defining custard in there to enhance my 4C coils. At no point did I use comb.

This was a rushed experiment as I was heading to a wedding fundraiser so I did a mini puff to stretch my roots as the hair air-dried.

Thoughts on this true Wash n Go

  • Thankfully, it didn’t flake! The Giovanni/Keracare combo was white to start with but cleared on drying.
  • I was so worried all week. My hair was very coiled and tangled in ways beyond my imagination.
  • I noticed that some of my strands were not curling/coiling when wet nor with gel. This usually happens to heat damaged hair but I never use heat so I’ll blame that on Kampala sunshine and other factors.
  • Maybe people are right about 4C not being able to wash-n-go.
  • I enjoyed having a shrunken look since my hair is normally stretched after every wash.
  • I was able to style without a comb touching my coils.

Even though it was great to experiment, I don’t think that I’d do it again… I was so worried the entire time I rocked the style! I was afraid of damaging the hair by any manipulation.

Styling a True Wash n Go on 4C Natural Hair (or any shrunken style)

Here’s how to make shrinkage your friend:

styling a true wash n go on 4C natural hair

Row 1 (L-R): high puff, high puff jazzed up with yellow flower, Afro with hair band removed. Row 2 (L-R): Afro after spritzing & shaping, Afro with Alice bands. Row 3 (L-R): Afro with satin scarf, Mohawk with bow

Product Sources: Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner – Naturals for You  (0783 218732) ||  Keracare Defining Custard – gifted

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Have you tried a true wash-n-go on your natural hair? What were your thoughts and how did you style it?

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