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January 2015



Store Henna for Future Use

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This is a guest post by Kass; a naturalista who is also a chemistry genius.

To store henna it needs to be frozen and I will show you how I do this.

I use a small container in which I put foil and clear wrap.  Or if you will not miss the container you can leave it in the container.

store henna natural hair 1

This time I used one piece of foil and this went in one direction the clear warp makes a cross one piece in the same direction as the foil the other perpendicular. Push these into the container.

 store henna natural hair 2

Scoop the remaining henna into the center of the clear wrap. Then cover up the clear wrap

 store henna natural hair 3

Then wrap the foil over this.

 store henna natural hair 4

I leave the henna in the container and place in the freezer. After a week I can remove the container and the henna will be in a regular shape.

To thaw remove this from the freezer and thaw slowly at room temperature for about a day. If you need it in a hurry you can also thaw it in hot water until it regains its mushy consistency.

For more of Kass’ henna posts;

How do you store your henna for future use? Would you rather make a fresh batch each time you use it?

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