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October 2014



Shingling / Wash and Go on 4C Natural Hair

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I posted a photo on Instagram and Facebook as soon as I completed my wash and go shingling experiment on my 4C/4B natural hair. I chose this style for a wedding later that day. Its clear that most of my hair has a 4C curl pattern but the back has a looser more 4B-like curl pattern.

wash and go 4c natural hair

Wash and Go on 4C Natural Hair

Many people say that 4C naturals cannot achieve Wash and Go styles. I believe that any hair type can achieve this style but it’s important to note that the style will appear different on every head.

The point of a wash and go is to accentuate your natural curl pattern unlike a twistout / braid out that creates a pattern different to your natural one.

I usually wash my hair the day before I need to do the wash and Go only because I prefer to let my hair soak in the moisture from my wash and deep condition before I add gel to it. It also shrinks less when I do this.

Products and Tools

  1. Fingers / Denman brush
  2. Spray bottle with water
  3. Butterfly clips or hair ties
  4. Gel / styler (ecostyler, IC Fantasia, Flax Seed, Aloe Vera, curl activator, Keracare Defining Custard, Shea Moisture Curling Souffle, As I Am Smoothing gel / Curling jelly, ORS Lock & Twist gel)
  5. Patience and a distraction 🙂

Technique for Shingling 4C Natural Hair

It took me about two hours to complete this style as I did some studying. It may take less or more time depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

  1. Start with freshly washed, moisturised and sectioned hair.
  2. If you do this on wash day, your hair will already be soaking wet. If not, spritz a section liberally with water and work it into the hair till it’s wet.
  3. Grab a glob of gel with your fingers and smooth it onto the section repeatedly as you finger detangle.
  4. Coat the strands from root to tip till the hair starts to form curls.
  5. Alternatively, you can use a modified Denman brush (remove every other row). This creates more defined curls and saves time.
  6. When the curls start to pop, move to the next section and repeat.
  7. When every section is doe, the gel will weigh the hair down so you can shake you head to fluff them up.
  8. Leave to air dry, blow dry with a diffuser or go under a hooded dryer.
  9. Optional: blow dry the roots using the tension method to stretch the curls (pull the ends of the hair gently and blow dry the roots to stretch and fluff the hair)
wash and go shingling day 2

wash and go shingling day 2

Night Routine for 4c Natural Hair Wash and Go

The pineapple method has been proven to preserve wash and go styles across a spectrum of hair types.

Basically it involves holding your hair at the top of your head giving the appearance of a pineapple. My hair had shrunk, all thanks to ecostyler, and so I just did the highest puff I could manage and then covered with my satin bonnet.

Morning Routine for Wash and Go

Spritz the hair lightly with water and conditioner mix in a spray bottle.

If your hair is heavy, you can just shake it into place. If it’s light or just 4C stuck to your head, gently pull the curls apart with some coconut oil on your palms.

wash and go day 3 4C naturals

wash and go day 3

Do you believe that 4C hair cannot be shingled? What products help you achieve wash and go styles for your hair type?


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