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October 2013



Sample Twistouts; Short Afro-textured natural hair (4B/4C)

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**Originally written July 2013

I have been sporting natural hair for about 10 months.

When I first did the big chop (BC) in September 2012, I was shocked by my hair texture, the dryness and all the good stuff that comes with camouflaging your natural texture with chemical relaxers for almost 10 years.

Along the way, I got fed up of it and just could not figure out how the girls on YouTube could achieve all these hairstyles and I couldn’t. Or why their hair was manageable and mine was not.

Two sets of braids and lots more videos later, the little bulb appeared in my mind.. I finally got it, I think…

It may be too soon to speak but I think am slowly getting there…

I would like to share my results for the week of experimenting with twist-outs.

I was itching to wash my hair, only out of habit – not an actual itch! But I had to see if I could go for a week or more without developing funny white residue in my hair by spritzing a water/conditioner mixture and different stylers.

I managed only 3 days per set.

Days 1 – 3 twistout with Keracare Twist and Define Cream


Day 2


Day 3

Day 1-3 twistout with Eco Styler Gel


Day 1 front


Day 1 back/side


Day 3 High Puff

Curled twistout with perm rods and Keracare Defining custard





As I continue to learn how my darling natural hair responds to my hair care products, I will keep you updated.

Please share which products work for your natural hair twist-outs and how long it took you to figure out what works.


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