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April 2014



Rocking a Twistout for Work

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To be honest, I find it difficult to rock a twistout to work. I consider twistouts to be my crazy hairstyle; the one that allows me to be free and it legitimises my day as a weekend..

That said, let’s get back to business; Sue asked if I could advise on how a first timer can rock a twistout for work. My understanding of work hair is that it should be  neat and not cause undue attention to yourself.


Tips for a banging twistout. Work or otherwise.

1. No Scraggly ends. Make sure that your ends have had a snip/trim within the past 6-9 months. This goes a long way in ensuring a professional look.

2. Freshly washed hair produces neater and more professional looking hair. 2nd day hair is even better.

3. Detangle. This ensures a defined twistout. I’ll usually use a wide tooth shower comb and a Denman D17 brush before twisting.

4. Fully moisturise your hair and seal your ends before you apply the styler (custard, gel or twist-defining creme).

5. Be light handed with your products. Less is more.

6. Unravel dry hair. Only unravel the twists when they are fully dry to ensure a neat finish.

7. Tuck in any loose or wild strands to maintain a uniform look all over. Also style it according to your HR guidelines.

9. Practice, practice and practice more. Like most things, twistouts get better with time. After a couple of tries, you have a better idea in terms of technique and products.


Technique for a work twistout

  • After washing, deep conditioning and moisturising your hair, leave it in chunky twists till almost fully dry (damp)
  • Work in sections; divide each twist into 2 or 3 smaller bits. Add a small amount of the styler to a section and work it in.
  • Use a Denman brush or shower comb to separate the strands.
  • Flat-twist the roots of the section and two-strand twist the rest of the section all the way to the ends. This keeps the roots as stretched out as the hair shaft and the ends.
  • Repeat above steps on the rest of your hair and let it dry (with or without heat)
  • When fully dry (6 hours / overnight air dying), oil your hands prior to unravelling the twists.
  • The twists should be easy to separate for a fuller look if you detangled the hair and flat-twisted the roots.
  • Use an Afro-pick comb to lift the roots to achieve your preferred look.
  • Style it and add accessories as you see fit. High puffs seem to be agreeable to my employers.


Have you worn a twistout to work before? How were you able to pull it off?


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