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February 2015



Protein Moisture Balance for Natural Hair [Infographic]

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While discussing the benefits of deep conditioning earlier this week, I mentioned protein moisture balance as being important for natural hair care.

Have you had the battle of deep conditioners before? You cannot decide whether your next purchase will be a fortifying (protein) deep conditioner or a hydrating (moisture) deep conditioner… If you’ve had that fight before, I’m here to tell you that you need both, but you do not necessarily need to buy them… A lot of it is in your kitchen already.

Moisture Deep Conditioners

  • Homemade: Banana, avocado, honey, palm oil, glycerine, aloe vera, coconut milk, olive oil
  • Store-bought: Hydrating, nourishing, softening, moisturizing, extreme moisture, intense conditioning

Protein Deep Conditioners

  • Homemade: Egg, mayonnaise, plain or greek yoghurt
  • Store-bought: Replenishing, repair, deep treatment, restorative, hair masque, placenta/soy/hydrolyzed wheat protein

I hope that this infographic can help break it down further so it’s even easier for us regular naturalistas.

Protein Moisture Balance for Hair

Inspired by : Audrey – Science of Black Hair and Nicky – Green Beauty.

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Has this infographic made protein moisture balance clearer to you? What analogies help you understand it better? Please have a look at Audrey & Nicky’s videos.


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