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November 2013



Protective Style Prep

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Right before I got my protective style installed, I searched for information on how to protect my hair prior to the process to make it a s smooth as I possibly could.

And I found a lot of it. Long story short, this is what I did to prepare my 4B/4C (I have not yet decided) for kinky twist installation.


Wash and deep condition

I shampooed, deep conditioned, oil rinsed, co-washed and detangled my hair – the works!

Drying time

With my hair in loose chunky twists, I air-dried it 50% and then blow dried it to hasten the process.

Stretch away

I followed the heat with mid-sized braids to keep it stretched.


These are three (3) simple steps that make all the difference. Nobody knows your hair better than you do and you get to do it right before you hand it over to them, so to speak.

Even with all this care and time, the hair braiders (especially African ones) will still want to blow dry it again with a lot of force. You might want to get it a little straighter than you usually do.

Its unfortunate but its easier for the braiders to do their job with the hair fully stretched.

Immediately after braiding

Request the braiders to hold the braids in a not-so-tight ponytail; then pat the hairline with a warm towel to decrease the stress and pain. Then add some creme moisturiser to the front and wrap your headscarf.

How do you prepare your hair for a protective style? Have you experienced that ruthless blowdrying?


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