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March 2017



Product Review: Livara Tanzanite Hair Oil

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This review is long overdue but with good reason. I received Livara Tanzanite oil in exchange for an honest review but didnt get round to using it for several months.  I was pregnant at the time, couldn’t be bothered to experiment and was a little apprehensive about the strong initial essential oil scent.

The product is beautifully packaged and I spent a few minutes amazed by how effortless the oil stream was coming out of the spray nozzle at first.


Pure Unrefined Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cinnamon Essential Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil

As a hot oil /prepoo treatment

Sectioned hair and applied to each section of hair and scalp, finger detangled and removed shed hairs and covered with plastic bag. Not that much slip on its own but hair was soft and scalp felt refreshed afterwards. For more slip, mix with conditioner.

As part of LOC on wash day

It sealed in the spritz/leave-in conditioner mix and didn’t feel oily afterwards. I was able to apply moisturizer to seal without oily residue. I did need to re-moisturise sooner than normal. To be fair, the website says to apply mainly to scalp and use residue on hair.

As a hairline oil

I didn’t use it for this as I was testing out another hairline product.


  • Ugandan Made
  • Affordable
  • Natural ingredients
  • Does not leave an oily residue
  • Gives hair shine
  • Lingering uplifting scent
  • Packaging is beautiful and handy to carry around


  • Spray nozzle is difficult to use when hands have oil
  • Cinnamon not ideal for inclusion in LOC
  • Initial scent is strong

Best uses

  • Scalp oil / Hairline oil
  • Hot oil (in combination with conditioner)

Have you tried the Livara Tanzanite hair oil? What are your thoughts on it? What are your best ways to use it?

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