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September 2015



6 Ways I Personalize my Deep Conditioning Routine

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Are you completely happy with how you go about your deep conditioning process? Do you feel that it addresses your personal hair needs or do you just go with the flow? If you find yourself answering no to these questions, it might be time for you to re-evaluate. I’d like to share how I’ve adapted my routine to suit my hair needs. Hopefully, this can help you think about what makes your hair tick and can help you personalize your deep conditioning routine.

personalize deep conditioning routine

1. Backbone Ingredients

Whether I’m aiming for moisture or protein, all my deep conditioner mixes contain two base/backbone ingredients: clay and coconut milk powders. A friend gifted me with Fuller’s Earth Clay and I had coconut milk powder lying around my kitchen begging to be used. I started to use this mix after I run out of the glorious Good Hair Collective Chocolate Clay Wash  which my hair loved to bits as its got so many great ingredients for hair.

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2. Sectioning

I work in sections – one at a time. I find that it’s easier to work the deep conditioner mix into the strands this way and prevents further tangling. I never deep condition my hair en masse unless my goal is a shrunken wash and go…

3. No Manipulation

I do not comb or detangle with the deep conditioner in place. Most times the conditioners do not have enough slip to detangle and I could do without the extra work. Also, I detangle my hair twice during my wash routine so find it unnecessary at this point.

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4. Time of Conditioning

These days I cap my deep conditioning time to 45 minutes to an hour tops… unless I accidentally fall asleep while the mix is “cooking”. I like that deep conditioners re-moisturize the hair after cleansing but totally hate the mushiness that occurs as a result of over conditioning hair. I’m all for soft but not mushy hair hence there is no overnight deep conditioning for me.

5. Consistent Protein and Moisture Conditioning

I aim to balance my protein and moisture deep conditioning needs by doing 1 protein treatment for every 3 moisture treatments. I also do opt for protein treatments when I’m going to apply heat or braid my hair. My favourite protein conditioner is Shea Moisture Yucca and Baobab Strengthening Conditioner (buy here). For moisture, I use any moisturizing deep conditioner and add red palm oil.

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6. Store-bought vs. DIY

Generally, all the deep conditioning mixes I end up using are DIY because I always add my backbone ingredients. Most times though, I’ll add these base ingredients to a store bought deep conditioner and add a bit of my oil mix.

How have you personalized your deep conditioning routine? What are your backbone ingredients and what is your ideal conditioning time?

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