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May 2014



Onion Juice PrePoo for Natural Hair

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Onions have been used for centuries because of their natural medicinal value. They contain sulphur which is responsible for their amazing hair, health and nutrition benefits. It’s important to note that most of these benefits will be seen over a period of time with continued use of the juice.

While reading through Tips from Stella, I discovered that I can incorporate onion juice into my natural hair regimen. I decided to add it to my PrePoo treatment as I didn’t want to walk around smelling like an onion. PrePoo stands for Pre shampoo treatment and mostly uses oils.

Benefits of onion juice to natural hair

  • Anti bacterial properties; prevents bacterial and fungal scalp infections
  • Stimulate blood circulation in scalp and promote hair growth
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Treatment of reversible hair loss
  •  Reverse the process of greying

Why you should do a PrePoo Treatment

  •  For protection of hair from moisture stripping by shampoo
  • For soft and more manageable hair
  • For shine and reduced breakage
  • For easier detangling
  • For better moisture retention

Onion Juice PrePoo for Natural Hair

Technique for Onion Juice PrePoo

***I found that my hair was softer and more shiny after using onion juice in my PrePoo treatment.

1. Blend two medium sized onions with a little water. I use a mini chopper as its easier to wash up. Sieve the mixture and store the juice in an airtight spray bottle in the fridge.

2. Section hair into 4 – 6 chunks. Work on one section at a time and remove any shed hair.

3. Spray the hair, hairline and scalp with the cold onion juice. This will shock the cuticles open and allow any moisture added after to penetrate the hair shaft.

4. Starting with the ends, then hair shaft, then the roots, liberally add your conditioner of choice / oil mixture or homemade pre-poo mixture. My faves are; conditioner/honey/olive oil but the options are limitless.

5. Detangle each section and braid before you proceed to the next. This keeps the section tangle free and the braids keep the hair stretched.

6. Cover hair with a plastic cap or polythene bag for 20 to 30 minutes as you go about your business.

7. Immediately proceed to shampoo or clarify your hair.

Have you used onion juice as a PrePoo treatment? How else have you incorporated onion juice into your hair regimen?


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