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May 2014



Oil Rinsing for Dry Natural Hair

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In a very general sense, oil rinsing involves application of oil to hair after shampoo washing and before conditioning. I say general because I have come across several ways that people oil rinse their natural hair.

Why should you do oil rinsing?

  • For shine – Many people shun natural hair for its predominantly dull look. This changes that!
  • For better moisture retention – It seals in moisture when the hair is wet.
  • For reduced single strand knots – because the hair is smooth and knots come out easily.
  • For soft & manageable hair – because of better moisture retention and smooth strands.
  • For better detangling – detangling is a beeze due to lots of slip from the oil.
  • For reduced hair shedding – because detangling is gentler and tools won’t damage as much as when used on matted hair.

Click for details on Oil Rinsing for Afro Textured Natural Hair

Oils to use

For something that’s going to be added in copious amounts and then washed out, I’d advise you to use what you already have on hand or buy a cheap one.

Most people advise us to use oils lighter that penetrate the hair shaft i.e. avocado, olive, coconut and argan oil. Its helpful to remember that we all have different hair and yours might respond better to heavier ones like shea oil or castor oil.

I think that one should use whatever they have on hand whether its a pure oil or a store bought mixture.

Technique for oil rinsing natural hair

I had only done oil rinsing once when my hair was much shorter. Needless to say but I was blown away…

This time round I wanted to know if its an extra step that I would be willing to incorporate into my wash routine. I hate wash day and it had to be spectacular to earn a spot in my regimen.

1. Start with freshly shampooed or clarified hair. I used Akoma Ghanaian Black Soap because my hair was a little filthy.

2. After rinsing out your shampoo or clarifier, add oil of your choice to your hair and saturate it in a “praying hands” technique. Also massage it into the scalp. I used a mixture of Profective mega growth oil, shea oil, olive oil and castor oil. I run out of coconut oil.

3a). EITHER: detangle the oily hair then rinse oil out with warm water. Follow this with a conditioner of your choice. You can cover with a plastic cap for a quick 15 minute deep conditioning. Rinse out with cool water.

3b). OR: add your conditioner to oily hair, detangle, condition and deep condition then rinse out with cool water. My fave conditioner for this is Tresemme Natural Moisturising Conditioner.

4. Add a hair butter to seal in the moisture and style as you please.

Have you incorporated oil rinsing into your wash routine? If so do you love it or hate it?

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