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July 2015



Product Review: Nissi Natural Hair Care Flax Seed Cream

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At the last Natural Hair UG Meetup, I discovered a product I had not heard of before… Well, one of a couple of products,  but definitely one that I was eager to try out – Nissi Natural Hair Care Flax Seed Cream. I’ve used a flax seed gel several times but had never used a cream with the gel as a base component.

First Impressions

I was not too excited by the packaging but the thick creamy consistency intrigued me. It reminded me of Carol’s Daughter Margeurite’s Magic.

The Flax Seed Cream was gifted to me as a trial item for an honest review. Maria – the proprietor of Nissi Natural Hair and Skin Care explained that I should keep it in the fridge as it did not have a broad-spectrum preservative at the time.

It goes for UGX 30,000 for 80z.


Flax seed gel, shea butter, marshmallow root, slippery elm, aloe vera, Irish moss, coconut oil, glycerine and preservatives (on the shelf).


How I used the Nissi Flax Seed Cream & Results

Starting with freshly cleansed, I deep conditioned my hair in damp state. This was done in sections to ease application and prevent tangles. I used this cream three different times to test it thoroughly.

1. Spritz hair if necessary. I added a bit of oil and picked a reasonable size amount of flax cream and  applied to a section. I then finger detangled or combed with product in. Lastly, I twisted up and did the same around my head. I had a soft defined twistout that didn’t need re-moisturizing for 4 days.

2. I also used it on dry dirty hair… I spritzed a bit… Then added my moisturizer (wasn’t necessary) and add the flax cream to a section. I followed this with finger detangling or combing with product in and then twisted up. Did the same all over my head. I usually hate having my single twists out so I did a simple twisted updo to tuck them away and stretch. I took them out after a day or two….I was extremely pleased with the banging stretched twistout with the tiniest bit of flaking. My hair was moving in the wind…. and I’ve got witnesses to testify!

3. The third time I used it in a two-week Protective Style. After washing and moisturising with a little oil and Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie… I added flax cream as a styler/ sealant since my hair was going to be in a Protective Style for two weeks. My hair was super oily but I twisted up section by section  all over and maintained my PS with only daily spritzing. Unraveling time… very moisturized soft hair.


  • Soft defined curly styles
  • Intense moisture that lasts
  • Oily so no need to add extra oil
  • No flaking (mostly)
  • Versatile (moisturizer, styler, sealant)
  • Made in Uganda


  • Need to be kept in fridge (mine was a trial sample and went rancid after a couple of weeks in the fridge)
  • Slightest bit of flaking if heavy handed
  • May weigh down thin hair

1 Nissi Natural Hair Care Flax Seed Cream

2 Nissi Natural Hair Care Flax Seed Cream

Final Thoughts

To be honest, you do not need to add oil or moisturizer prior to its application. You only need to spritz it and add a leave-in conditioner then this cream. But just to be sure of what makes your hair happy, try it out different ways till you achieve a balance.

This product is highly recommended for its ultra moisturizing properties and the ability to let a naturalista have a non-crunchy curly style that lasts. It is extremely versatile and therefore, great for naturalistas on a budget.

I believe its now on the market (Nissi SheaFlax Cream) and has long-term preservative thus eliminating the need to refridgerate it.

Have you tried the Nissi Natural Hair Care Flax Seed Cream? What are your thoughts on it?


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