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February 2015



My Natural Hair Loss – Davinah’s story [pt.2]

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This is a guest post by Davinah Nabirye.

For a while I have been hesitant to share my story with the virtual community yet I know that many ladies struggle with hair loss. Therefore, this is my story.  I hope ladies experiencing similar challenges will be encouraged to hold their heads high as they fight the battle.

If you are new to Davinah’s story; start at part 1 where we get to read about how the hair loss started.


After what seemed like a life time of impatient waiting, hair started growing from the roots; the very first positive sign of recovery in a period of one and a half years.

Mid 2014, the back hair is thicker than the front hair

However, the very first growth was similar to grey hair. My doctor had warned that because of the drugs and chemical reactions in the body, I would first develop grayish hair which would fall-off before actual black hair developed.

Eventually all the grey hair had disappeared and ‘shoots’ similar to former natural hair were protruding from the scalp. It didn’t matter that they were sparsely populated.


  • The medication was too costly. I spent about UGX 6 million on medication alone.
  • I made weekly and monthly review meetings to the doctor which cost money in terms of transportation.
  • It was also time consuming. For example, in Wandegeya, the doctor works on a first come first served basis.
    • Review days arriving at the clinic as early at 6:30 am to join the queue despite the fact that the doctor reported for work at 9:00am.
  • Stigma -The reason I embraced wigs (which also cost money) was because I was tired of explaining to people why my hair was breaking. When my hair started growing, I stopped wearing wigs and opted for weaves – because they are easier to maintain.
    • Many times at my saloon in Bugolobi, clients gave me that ‘inquisitive look’ as my hair dress plaited corn-rows on which the weave is attached.
  • Destroyed relationships – Beside others reasons, the man I was dating at the time broke up with me because of my hair loss issue. I think he had fears that my hair would never recover.
    • One day he causally asked a question which I think he had thought about for a while. “How can a young girl like you grow bald now? What will you look like in your 40s and 50s?”
    • Even though this fear had crossed my mind a number of times, it was painful listening to somebody that I loved pronounce insensitively.
  • Confidence – I am usually out spoken and confident, but I hated hiding behind the weaves. After breaking up with my boyfriend, I found it difficult to tell men that were interested in establishing relations with me about my hair issues.

My source of strength

  • I prayed to God everyday to restore my hair. I also asked him to link me to the right doctors, medicines and hair products.
  • I have a stable source of income which enabled me to seek medication however expensive.
  • My family, close friends and hair dresser stood with me. They always encouraged me to think positively.
  • My doctor in Mengo always counseled me whenever I was on the verge of giving up. “Don’t be stressed with only delay the recovery. Be jolly, you are a beautiful woman,” he always said.

Looking ahead

Although I cannot trace the cause of infection, I can now gladly show-off my hair even though the middle and front hair is very thin. With various styles (thank God for the gift of creativity), I am able to hold my head high up without people noticing a thing.

For now I am sticking to only recommended products (conditioners, shampoo and oil) because, growth is a gradual process.

Have you experienced hair loss before? How did you deal with it?


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