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March 2015



DIY Moisture Spritz for Natural Hair

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When it comes to finding a moisture loaded spritz for natural hair, your first choice should be water in a spray bottle… But sometimes you may want to take it to another level especially if you live in Kampala, Uganda where the weather conditions are so unstable.

That’s where this awesome DIY spritz comes in. It just has all the things that help to moisturise and refresh our natural coils, kinks and curls. Do give it a try.

Why use the spritz?

1. To mist hair before manipulation – reduces unnecessary breakage

2. As step 1 of the LOC moisturizing method – gives the first dose of moisture needed by the hair

3. To make natural hair more manageable – by lowering the cuticles and creating a smooth outline

4. To reduce frizz -by calming the cuticles

5. To soften and tame new growth – for relaxed ladies to stretch their chemical treatments

moisture spritz for natural hair


*** Try to find ingredients that are not too heavily perfumed or have an over powering scent. For my mix, the aloe vera and rosewater that I use are strongly scented.

The basic recipe for a DIY moisture spritz for natural hair care mainly consists of 3 things: water, conditioner and a little bit of oil. Here’s a little spin on the basic recipe for moisture goodness. Don’t say you weren’t told… Enjoy!

1. Equal amounts of;

rosewater – calming, cleansing, moisturising

aloe vera juice – lays down cuticles, conditions & softens hair

leave-in conditioner (optional)

2. thin layer of glycerine – humectant; draws moisture from atmosphere

3. thin layer of coconut or olive oil – pentrate hair shaft, seal moisture, shine

4. shake up the mixture and mist liberally…


Please keep this mix in the fridge as the aloe can go rancid pretty fast. You can go ahead to add preservatives or essential oils.

 What is your favourite mix for a homemade moisture spritz for your natural hair? Give this mix a try and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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