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June 2015



Product Review: Good Hair Collective Deep Conditioning Clay Wash

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At the last Natural Hair UG Meetup, I discovered a product I had not heard of before… Well, one of a couple of products,  but definitely one that I was eager to try out – The Good Hair Collective Deep Conditioning Clay Wash. I’ve used a DIY clay mix as a shampoo replacement before so I had an idea of what to expect.

First Impressions

I initially thought that it was a shampoo replacement but the instructions on the pack set me straight. It is essentially a deep conditioning treatment that could easily be mistaken for dessert. No kidding, GHC has a reputation for yummy scented dessert-like products.

I paid UGX 30,000 for a pack of 4 chocolate-like cubes of the deep conditioning wash. Do remember to keep it away from children who might mistake it for a treat.


Moroccan lava (rhassoul) clay, organic butters of cocoa and shea, organic cocoa powder, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary essential oil, tea tree essential oil, organic pure honey and vitamin E.

How I used the GHC Deep Conditioning Wash

  1. I crashed one cube with my fingers so it would be easier to mix. Then mixed 3 tablespoons of boiling water.. one at a time and got a paste of good consistency.
  2. On freshly cleansed hair in four sections, I applied this paste section by section… It goes on smooth but is messy, drops and dries as a  brown stain.
  3. After coating each section and light finger detangle… plait a tut /braid.
  4. When all sections were completed, I covered my hair with a polythene bag (kavera) and satin cap as I did chores.
  5. After an hour, I rinsed out the mix with warm water and followed this with a cool water rinse.
  6. I twisted it to dry then proceeded with moisturizing and styling.

1 good hair collective deep conditioning clay wash


Immediately after I applied the paste, I noticed that my hair strands started to clump in wash and go like curls and ringlets – detangling before my eyes. The hair was manageable and easy to manipulate.

The sections that got the most clay mix ended up really stretched, soft (but not mushy) and nicely detangled. I really had to stretch that one cube to coat the strands all over my head.


  • Organic
  • Soft, stretched manageable hair
  • Detangles
  • Ultra Moisturising
  • Conditions
  • Awesome packaging
  • Made in Uganda


One bar is not enough to coat all my hair so it turns out to be a little expensive if I have to use two bars for one deep conditioning session.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this product for all natural hair ladies for its ultra moisturising and hair calming properties. Yes, I do wish the individual bars were bigger in size so I could comfortably use one bar per wash session


The Good Hair Collective will be hosting a giveaway on Natural Hair UG in a couple of weeks. Subscribe so you do not miss out on the latest info about the hair desert goodies.

Have you tried the Good Hair Collective Deep Conditioning  Clay Wash? What are your thoughts on it? Would you like to win a pack in the upcoming giveaway?


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