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September 2015



FAQ: How to soothe the scalp after plaiting

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“Recommend a liquid oil that I can use right after plaiting because my scalp hurts”

A painful scalp right after braiding, is an indication that the roots have been over manipulated thus making the scalp tender. The fastest remedy would be to soothe the  scalp after plaiting  in the following ways;

Moist Heat

This eases the tightness at the roots thus eliminating tenderness. Apply a moisturizing leave-in conditioner gently on the scalp, or spray a thin leave-in conditioner on your roots and wrap a damp hottish towel around your head. Or turn on your shower to hot and close the door and let the steam work its magic. Keep gently massaging in the conditioner.

Massage Scalp With Soothing Oils

Keep gently massaging the scalp daily to ease the pain. Use an oil that contains lavender essential oil (for its soothing qualities) or tea tree (works to ease the inflammation), ensure that the oil has been warmed up before massaging it onto the scalp.

Another option is a medicated braid spray because many of these have been formulated with scalp inflammations in mind. Look for a spray that contains tea tree or lavender essential oils or sulphur. Aloe Vera has soothing qualities too, if you have it in gel form simply massage into the tender spots if you have the juice then spray it daily on your roots till the pain diminishes.

If the pain persists, please undo the braids/cornrows because it can lead to traction alopecia (hair loss caused by stress and over manipulation of the hair roots)


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