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January 2016



FAQ: What can I do to Restore Broken Edges?

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What can I do to restore my broken edges?

Thin/broken edges can be as a result of various reasons- genetics, post-partum hair loss, Traction alopecia (very common for many), auto-immuno diseases that cause the body to attack the hair follicles , scalp infections.

A crucial step in restoring not just your hairline but anywhere else that is experiencing hair loss is to first rejuvenate the hair follicles so that they can reproduce hair again. Blood circulation needs to be increased to the roots of the hair

  • Hair loss from traction alopecia occurs when there is hair loss due to tension/stress on the edges either from tight ponytails, elastic hairbands, tiny braids, using a hairbrush with hard bristles to roughly brush your edges. If this is the case you need to refrain from braiding or tight updos and ponytails till your edges rest, avoid tight elastic hairbands, avoid hairstyles that pull back on your hair, if you have a naturally sensitive hairline then avoid tight scarves or elastic ones and opt for satin pillowcases instead
  • Use stimulating essential oils like rosemary, peppermint or a nutritive oil like carrot essential oil or a soothing essential oil like lavender in a base of castor oil to restore your edges. If a scalp infection is the cause of the loss then add tea tree essential oil to the mix. Warm up the oil and gently massage on the edges twice a week.


To breastfeeding mothers if you are suffering from post-partum hair loss please stick to carrier oils and avoid essential oils because unlike most remedies that act directly at a targeted area, essential oils act like hormones triggering a change in the body by interacting with the body system and we are not sure how this interferes with the baby’s fragile system when they take it through the mother’s milk

Massage, Massage, Massage

A massage when done right is very stimulating and draws blood to the scalp surface thus nourishing the follicles. You don’t have to massage only when applying tour stimulating oils but you can do this for a few seconds when you’re watching the telly, or before bed etc.

Nutritive Content

This is goes for everyone who is undergoing hair loss more so breast feeding mothers because much as you create a conducive environment on your scalp to promote growth, you have to give your body the tools to create the growth. Hair is made up keratin which is a protein so increase your protein intake. Vitamins are crucial because they stimulate cell regeneration especially the B-complex vitamins so it’s essential to add these to your diet. Other food groups to consider are Omega 3 Fatty acids (flaxseed, cod liver oil, cereals, fish, chia seeds), minerals are also crucial to hair re-growth especially silica (dubbed the beauty mineral). The assured way of getting your entire mineral content intact is through green vegetables and fruit – cooking kills some of the nutritive content of the foods so it is best to make sure that you include a salad at each meal to get the nutrients in their raw entirety. Or have a daily intake of smoothies daily (for breastfeeding mothers you’ll find that not only does it boost your nutrient content but it also boosts milk production).Adding both vegetables, fruits and some yoghurt to your smoothie/juices encompasses your nutritive needs. You could also include super-foods to your diet-These are foods that have double-triple the nutritive content of other foods and they have various food values and minerals too. These include kale , Greek yoghurt, chia, oatmeal, green tea, watermelon, spinach, moringa . If you are not sure that you are getting all your nutritive content then you can opt for a multi-vitamin infact most nursing mothers are encouraged to continue their pre-natal vitamins

Here are other options to consider that have worked for hair loss too- aloe Vera due to its high nutritive content and soothing and cleansing abilities. Miconazole Nitrate and sulphur treatments to cure scalp infections and cure dandruff because dandruff flakes clog the scalp pores and thus restricting growth. Vitamin E, jojoba oil, coconut oil, Ayurveda hair herbs.


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