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January 2016



FAQ: Remedies for Grey Hair

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Remedies for grey hair other than dying it?

Natural remedies for greying hair are very effective in that they also rectify other issues that come along with the grey hair such as thinning. It should be noted that for greying to be effectively remedied it should be tackled both externally and internally because greying is a result of lack of important nutrients.

Naturally greying hair occurs as one becomes older because as the body ages it loses its ability to properly absorb and metabolize certain nutrients which impacts hair health and pigment. Premature greying is a hereditary trait in most families and mainly translates in the body’s inability to absorb a certain nutrient.

Onion juice

It is an effective remedy because it contains an enzyme called catalase. It is a proven greying remedy that has been used for centuries. For an effective treatment add lemon to your onion juice and apply to your scalp every day, the only downside to this remedy is its smell. Barley grass and wheat grass are also rich in catalase

Blackstrap Molasses

They are rich in in essential minerals and nutrients especially copper which is crucial for the production of melanin, the pigment present in hair and skin. When added to homemade hair treatments it not only darkens but also curbs breakage

Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Not only can you apply it topically but you can also make a gooseberry juice from the fruit to be consumed daily. Not only does it reverse greyness but it also causes all new growth to sprout out black and has rich anti-aging properties.


There are a number of rich oils that reverse greyness; the most effective being blackseed oil. This rich oil not only reverses greyness but it also thickens hair, boosts growth, remedies psoriasis/dandruff/baldness amongst other things. A teaspoon a day of food grade blackseed oil quickens the reversal of greying. Olive oil is also an effective greying remedy and it also curbs boldness because it is a DHT blocker. Since blackseed oil is rare it can be mixed with olive oil and applied as a powerful greying remedy. Coconut oil mixed with lemon juice or lemon essential oil and massaged twice a week on the scalp is a great greying remedy. Ghee (clarified butter) used weekly treatment reverses greyness. Neem oil, clove essential oil, Arnica oil which is an infusion of Arnica flowers, brahmi hair (brahmi powder infused in oil-commonly used in India as a natural greying and balding remedy), Bhringraj oil is another common Indian remedy that works. Mustard oil that has been infused with henna powder, it doesn’t take on any of the red henna colour but it works naturally to restore your natural hair colour. Sesame oil is also a great darkening oil.

Aloe Vera gel

When it is  applied to hair and left on, aloe vera gel  is an ingredient that never misses in most natural remedies for greying. This is because it is full of all the nutrients needed to create melanin and also rejuvenate hair thickness


The first herbal remedy that you’ll come across for reversing greyness is guava leaves. Get a handful of the leaves then grind them to pulp and apply weekly to freshly washed hair. A combination of sage and rosemary herbs boiled in water and used as a final rinse every time you shampoo is a good greying remedy. Other commonly used herbs that reverse greying include chamomile which can also be used in a final rinse and also consumed in a tea. Amaranth (dodo) is a very powerful ayurvedic greying remedy commonly used by Indians, the best way to use this is to juice it along with your favourite fruits and drink as many times as you can daily, also you can grind the amaranth leaves into a pulp and apply to your hair and leave it on as a mask that you later rinse off .You could also infuse the herbs in a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil. Alternatively you could look for the essential oils of these herbs because they are portent concentrations of the healing properties of the plant. Curry leaves are very effective when infused in various oils

  • Irish potato peel rinse-peel some Irish potatoes and measure about 1 cup of peels to 2 cups of water and put to boil. Once it has boiled reduce the heat and let it simmer for 10 mins more. After it has cooled you can strain it and use it as a rinse every time you shampoo your hair
  • Freshly grated ginger infused in raw honey consumed daily boosts melanin production


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