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December 2015



FAQ: What are the remedies for damaged and breaking hair?

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What are the remedies for damaged, breaking hair?

When kinky, coily or curly hair or hair as a whole is damaged it is characterised by the following signs; dullness (lacks sheen), straw like, limp/lifeless, rough surface as a result of gaps in the cuticles which leave the hair dry and overly porous.

Damaged hair can be as a result of chemicals, heat, neglect, mechanical (combs and hair tools that damage the cuticles)

-Use moisturizing products to restore the moisture that is being lost due to damaged cuticles.

-Reinforce the hair with regular protein treatments to add tensile strength to the strands and to seal the gaps in the cuticles. Your initial deep treatment should be an intensive combination of protein and moisture

-LOC method of moisturising to seal in moisture

-Make use of leave-in conditioners to add extra conditioning to hair for lasting moisture and strength

-Trim the worse off ends that can’t be helped-these could either be split ends or utterly dried and broken ends. By letting go of these ends you are allowing the healthier parts of the hair to get more nutrients.


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