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January 2016



FAQ: Finding Natural Hair Products in Kampala

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Which shampoos, deep conditioners or leave-in brands for natural hair can you recommend that can easily be got in Kampala?

Popular natural hair care lines that can be found in Kampala are KeraCare (Delight Supplies and Eve and Nicco), As I Am (Eve and Nicco), ORS Curls Unleashed in some major supermarkets.

Brands by Ugandan naturals -Nissi’s, Nature’s Fusions both found at Equatorial Shopping Arcade, Moisture Well, Livara and the Good Hair Collective. Other popular natural hair brands like Shea Moisture, Tressemme Naturals, Kinky Curly can be bought from individuals on the page.

For natural products like oils and Shea butter look up vendors on the suppliers and services file on the Natural Hair Uganda Facebook page. Most importantly Uganda is blessed with Shea Nilotica which is much softer than the West African Shea – Shea butter is an amazing natural conditioner

If you’re not on Facebook or need to get the suppliers document this very minute…. Click the image below to download the document. You are welcome!


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