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June 2015



My New Detangling Technique for 2015

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My hair deserves a break. Lately, I’ve been trying to make wash day as kind and gentle as I possibly can manage.

Where as most people prefer to detangle with conditioner, I’ve noted over time that mine gets limp and prone to more shedding especially if I add rinse out conditioner to dry hair.

I’ve developed a 2 step detangling technnique for 2015 that seems to be much kinder to my strands. I still use the old techniques once in a while and use commercial detanglers after longterm protective styling.

new detangling technique for 2015 1

Dry detangling

The first thing I do is section my hair into four workable bits and work with one at a time. I add coconut oil to the section and finger detangle gently and with a good distraction.

The coconut oil helps separate the strands and melt tangles. Also makes it easy to remove the shed hairs. I then add conditioner and continue to finger detangle a bit more. I make loose braids or twists and secure the end. When I’m done, I cover my head with a kavera and satin scarf for prepoo as I go about my business.

For the most part, my type 4 hair is not fully detangled but it is better than it was before. This is followed by cleansing and deep conditioning hair in tuts or twists.

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Wet detangling

While my hair is air drying after the wash process, I unravel section by section… spritz hair with my DIY spritz… I then add an oil of choice and moisturizer (I prefer thick moisturizers) to hair shaft and castor oil to my ends. I work the products in with my fingers and use a wide tooth comb to detangle. I use a comb at this stage to remove shed hairs and make it easier to style.

Lastly, I separate the hair to do my two jumbo flat twists for air drying and stretching. I usually re-moisturise aftertaking out the jumbo flat twists and finger separate to create smaller twists/style or do my two week protective style after this.

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What is your favourite detangling technique for 2015? Would you be willing to try out my method? Lets chat in the comments below.


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