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September 2015



Product Review: Detangling 4C Wash n Go with Nature’s Fusion

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At the last Natural Hair UG Meetup, I discovered a product I had not used before… Well, one of a couple of products,  but definitely one that I was eager to try out – Nature’s Fusion Detangler by Afros and Mo. I’d heard that it was awesome especially for children and witnessed Maggie, one of the proprietors of Afros and Mo,  use it on her daughter’s hair.

First Impressions

The packaging is decent and neat. I was skeptical at first due to its milky appearance and runny consistency but decided to give it a go since I’d heard good things about it.

I bought my bottle at  UGX 15,000 or thereabouts for 12 fluid oz.


Formulated with coconut and avocado oil.

Nature's Fusion Detangler 2

How I used the Nature’s Fusion Detangler & Results

I’ve used this product several ways despite the instructions on the bottle. I started off by adding it to my spritz to make combing on work days easier. It did a good job detangling but was not being absorbed by my strands. I also tried to use it as a leave-in and it didn’t work out.

I finally decided to use it for its intended purpose as a detangler during my first step of detangling as an alternative to or in addition to coconut oil. I soon realized that I would get the most benefit by using this product on a truly entangled mess of hair.

After a week or so of rocking a tightly coiled hairstyle (True Wash n Go on 4C Natural Hair), I knew that I needed a really good detangler to separate my strands from the gel and shrinking coilyness. This was the true test.

1. I poured a bit of the detangler into a spray bottle, added a table spoon of coconut oil and gave the mixture a good shake. I decided not to dilute it on this occasion as my strands were extremely entangled.

2. I worked in sections – holding each section away from my scalp and spraying generously

3. When the section was damp to wet, I finger-detangled a bit and then proceeded to use a wide tooth comb

4. Every completed section was twisted up until I had completed all the hair strands. Easy Peasy!!

5. I then proceeded to cleanse and deep condition my hair.

detangling 4C natural hair wash n go


  • Superb detangler – immediate detangling action
  • Affordable
  • Decent slip
  • Great for managing children’s hair
  • Soft Hair
  • A little goes a long way (works just as well when diluted)
  • Made in Uganda


  • Drips all over the face
  • Doesn’t readily absorb into the hair hence not multipurpose

Final Thoughts

Nature’s fusion Detangler is a superb and affordable detangler. I initially thought that I could stretch my shillings by using it multiple ways but I’m happy to have it as just a detangler especially for days when my hair is super entangled.

I don’t even mind the way it runs down my face because I proceed to cleanse my hair immediately after applying it. I recommend it for naturalistas who think their hair can never be detangled and mamas of naturalista children.

I will definitely re-purchase this product as a staple in my product stash.

Have you tried the Afros and Mo Nature’s Fusion Detangler? What are your thoughts on it?

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