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January 2015



How I apply henna to my natural hair

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This is a guest post by Kass; a naturalista who is also a chemistry genius.

Last time I showed you how to mix henna. This time I am going to show you how I apply henna to my hair.

 Section hair

This is dependent on your length I do four sections however when I first started using henna I would make six sections. Just be sure the sections are not to tight i.e. your hair is not being pulled tight when it is in these sections. The sections should be loose and easy to manipulate.

apply henna natural hair 1

Start with a section of your choice. I suggest starting at the nape and working to the top of your head. Open the section and make a line so that you get a thin portion of hair. For this imagine you are making a line for a cornrow. This should be thin enough to let henna from one side to another. Clip/pin or tie the reminder of the section out of your way.

apply henna natural hair 2

Place the henna at the root of your hair then mush the henna into your hair. The idea is to coat each strand in the line you are working with.

apply henna natural hair 3

Work the henna into your hair from root to the tip. If you need more be sure to add it. You can add as much as you like. As you can see below the henna is worked into the hair and each strand is coated.

Continue making lines and working the henna into each line until the whole section is completed.

apply henna natural hair 4

Here is one completed section completed. As you can see the henna keeps the hair straight and somewhat elongated. The section next to it which has not yet been treated . This is how henna can work as a straightening treatment or at least a curl loosening treatment. Here are my four sections completed.

apply henna natural hair 5

Gently pull the sections into a ponytail/bun DO NOT use a comb or any styling tool.  Just use your hands and DO NOT try to run your fingers through your hair as through you are detangling. These methods will stress your hair and possibly pull it out.  Instead mush the henna and as a result your hair into your ponytail/ bun.

apply henna natural hair 6

Place a cap or on your head. Then place your scarf on top of that and off you go.

apply henna natural hair 7apply henna natural hair 8

NOTE: Use gloves as the henna will stain your hands. Below are two pairs of gloves. One represents before use for henna application, the other after applying henna. The ones that had been used had been washed multiple times with soap and shampoo.

apply henna natural hair 9

For more of Kass’ henna posts;

How do you apply henna to your natural hair? Is it similar to or different from our method?

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