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October 2014



5 Everyday Natural Hairstyles for Little Girls

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Have you ever been at a loss for how to style your little girl’s natural hair. No worries, you are not alone and there’s inspiration everywhere in everyday life, with no need for complicated styling. Some of these you can do on your own and others require some (very minimal) advance planning like booking an appointment at the braiding salon.

Let’s get into it:

1. Flat twists

One of the best gifts a mother can give herself is learning how to flat twist. This is a life saving technique, believe me.

Source 1 || Source 2 || Source 3

2. Chunky Twists

These ones don’t even need supernatural expertise. Just grab sections, tie with a hair tie and twist the ends. THAT. IS. ALL!

Source 1 || Source 2 || Source 3

3. Cutie Pie Buns / Puffs

If these little buns/ puffs don’t make your heart melt… you definitely have a problem. Thankfully, their method is self explanatory.

Source 1 || Source 2 || Source 3

4. Colourful Beads

Beads have always been a little girls best friend and not only because they can shake them from side to side. Of the 5 styles posted here, beads are the most versatile as they can be switched up quite often for a varied look.

Source 1 || Source 2 || Source 3

5. Fancy Ribbons / Bows

Seriously, just buy a roll of ribbon from the supermarket and go to town making bows for days. Little girls love these fancy bows for their natural hair.

Source 1 ||  Source 2 || Source 3 

Which ones are your favourite everyday hairstyles for little girls? Which ones will you be trying out?

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