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July 2015



2 week Protective Style Ideas

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When you’re pushed to a corner and you’re pressed for time, the last thing you want to engage in is weekly wash days and styling for your natural hair. I learnt this lesson the hard way but thankfully, I had some medium-term protective styles that kept me sane.

Here are some 2 week protective style ideas that helped me get through exam preparations and can work for any busy naturalista. Please share your ideas for 2-week protective styles in the comments below…

1. Jumbo Flat Twist

These are very easy to do if you’ve mastered the art of flat twisting. Depending on your hair texture, these would need to be refreshed every 4 days to weekly to keep them neat. They help to keep the hair stretched and moisturizing is easy with a daily spritz.

2 week protective style ideas 1


2. Braids (aka tuts / bitutwa / plaits)

Braids keep the hair stretched and make scalp /  hair moisturizing very easy. They can also be left out or put up into a simple updo style. They many not be for every personality or be acceptable at every office and some people associate them with childhood hairstyles.

2 week protective style ideas 2


3. Two-Strand Twists

These are the easiest to install and if done well can be very versatile. They are, generally, more acceptable in conservative work environments than braids are. They look better as they age.

2 week protective style ideas 3


4. Loose Twists

Loose twists are my favourite 2 week protective style by far… They take a long time to install (2 hours to days depending on hair thickness) but they are so pretty and look like kinky twists the older they get.

2 week protective style ideas 4


5. Twist Outs / Braid outs / Bantu Knot Outs

Technically speaking, these are not true protective styles. They are better classified as low-manipulation styles. When the twists have set, you only need to hold them in a pineapple or make large loose twists overnight to maintain. By week two, they probably will only look presentable in a high puff or roll-tuck and pin style.

2 week protective style ideas 5


Have you been inspired by these 2 week protective style ideas? Do you have others that you normally rely on? Lets chat in the comments below.

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