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March 2014



2 Ways to Detangle Natural Hair

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Surely, I am not the only human (naturalista) who sometimes (most times) goes to bed without tucking away her hair. By tucking away, I mean twisting or braiding to keep the strands nice and detangled.


I also stretch out my twist outs beyond recognition … and then people start to ask if I am trying to grow locs (ouch!)…

Just in case there is someone else like me, here are two ways to easily detangle your natural hair. Takes as low as 10 minutes and 30 minutes tops. Yes, less than an hour detangling your hair. WIN!

For Starters;

1. I’ve found these methods to work best on DRY hair; there is less shedding and it’s faster.

2. Section your hair by twisting/braiding or using claw clips. 5-6 sections are manageable depending on your hair’s length.


Detangling cocktail mix

I was inspired by Jenell (Blakizbeautyful) to create this 10 minute (ish) magic detangling mix. In the spirit of transparency, I really just eyeball my measurements.. But if you like to measure;

Fill a quarter a spray bottle with water. Add some oil. Then some cheap conditioner (the more slip, the better). Then shake it like it’s a margarita. Spray into each section then finger detangle ( gently).. Comb through with a wide tooth comb and twist up / braid up.

Traditional Detangling

Sometimes, I like this method better. I can actually go to work after this. But I will have enormous shrinkage by the end of the day.

One section at a time. Spray some water, work it into the hair by rubbing the hair downwards between your palms. Then add some cheap conditioner – work it in… Then some oil – work it in… Gently finger detangle, comb with your wide tooth comb and twist up/ braid up.

What are your top ways to detangle your natural hair? Do you do it on wet or dry hair? How long does it take?


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